impact_logoThe Be There Group, Inc.

Family Violence Services

The Be There Group brings you a number of services; most designed to increase safety in the home by holding the abuser accountable to their family, to the courts and to the community at large. Please tour our site; look at our services. Know that just as we expect transparency from those we serve we promise to also provide cutting-edge, best practices programs to our consumers and our community partners.

To Find out more about our programs, please click below:

  • IMPACT – Batterer Intervention program
  • i.am – IMPACT Anger Management program
  • i.cbi – IMPACT Cognitive Behavioral Intervention program

For more information, please call or email Bea Coté at 980-721-7268 or b.cote@impactdv.org.

Exciting changes!

The Be There Group is now incorporated in North Carolina! IMPACT and its umbrella of services for those perpetrating or impacted by family violence is a 501(c)3. We are currently accepting tax-deductible donations to build new services and broaden access to current services. Please call if you are interested in helping us grow. We have …

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